The GECKA GROUP, Inc.The GECKA GROUP, Inc. is a bilingual (English/Spanish) full service Bookkeeping, Tax and Consulting Company, serving Local and International Customers that was founded by Arelis Alvarez Aquino in February 2004.

In November 2011, Arelis Alvarez moved to New York City to integrate a renowned company in that area, ceasing activities in January 2012 as President of The Gecka Group, Inc., and naming María Cristina Alvarez as President.

María Cristina Alvarez, our President, holds a BA Economic Engineer and a Master of Arts in Economy. In January 2007 joined The GECKA GROUP, Inc. as Vice President, incorporating her 25 years of experience as a Price and Cost analyst and Company Comptroller.

Rather than attempt to conform clients’ needs into a predefined “package” of services, The GECKA GROUP, Inc invests the time needed to understand each client’s specific situation and develops personalized services to help clients achieve their goals.



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